Atelier Jacob Merkelbach

Atelier Jacob Merkelbach
Publié par Lapetitemelancolie le 25/01/2019
encore une fois,fabuleux travail de recherche et présentation

La Petite Mélancolie

« Jacob Merkelbach was the founder of one of the most famous Amsterdam portrait photography studios of the twentieth century on the fifth floor of fashion house Hirsch at Leidseplein Studio J Merkelbach ( Atelier Merkelbach) In the luxurious studio above the fashion warehouse Hirsch on the Leidseplein, he photographed almost all famous Dutch people from the theater world, writers, artists, businessmen and the wealthy Amsterdam bourgeoisie. Taking pictures of Abel Herzberg, André Herzberger, Carel Asser Daniel comme Mata Hari , Fien de la Mar , Théo Mann-Bouwmeester , Willem Mengelberg et Abel Herzberg , se sont fait capturer sur l’album sensible.and many others. His photographs are unique and of exceptional quality. You can see here the galery of protraits  .The personal signature in the design and execution of each portrait, the technical knowledge of the staff and the professional cooperation of the daughter and son-in-law made this…

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