Xapiri – Amazonian Ceramics

Xapiri – Amazonian Ceramics
May 26, 2016
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Tags ceramics, geometric, Marajó, pottery, tukano, xapiri

Xapiri Blog

For this Xapiri blog, our topic is ceramics. In our 2nd blog, we stated that basketry was generally the principal art form in the Amazon, apposed to ceramics which are more widely used across indigenous North America. Nevertheless, pottery still has an important role to play in Amazonian life. Firstly, we must note that not all ethnic groups produce ceramics but even so, the majority of tribes have access to these items via a complex system of trade routes. This in a way can be paralleled with the ‘axes, pots and pans’ situation of today, as we believe most isolated tribes have access to metalware even though they have not had contact with the outside world, this is due to the trade with neighbouring tribes who have.

In the north of Brazil, in Roraima state, there is evidence of pottery traditions dating back approximately 10,000 years and this is…

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À propos de VITRINART

Michel SEILLER I've practice céramic many years but i'm not an artist.my pieces once designed, were destroyed. I was in the act of doing. Passionate about all forms of plastic expression and the act of creating Esthete who loves the arts, simply with the desire to publicize and promote artists

Une réflexion sur “Xapiri – Amazonian Ceramics

  1. Géométrique certes, d’une grande beauté dans sa simplicité, l’utilisation de la matière, des colorants et une bonne cuisson.

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