Shih Chi-Yao    POTTER   TAIWAN

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All my thanks to Shih Chi Yao for his support to Vitrinart for past two years,
by broadcasting the link of this modest virtual art gallery

Tous mes remerciements à Shih Chi Yao pour son soutien à Vitrinart , depuis deux ans,
en diffusant le lien de cette modeste galerie d’art virtuel



作者學經歷:日本早稻田大學法學部畢業日本早稻田大學留學生總會機關誌發行人兼總編輯台灣台中 »早稻田英日語學校 »創辦人台灣台中 »早稻田文教事業 »創辦人
施繼堯長石陶是以志野、黑曜、藍衣為三大主軸。多數作品皆以手捻及手製陶板來完成,因此相當費時及費工,燒成時間為48至72小時,其間必需依燒成溫度而不斷調整還原氣氛。為了增加長石的潤度及秞質的變化,作者以數以百計的試片不斷地繼續實驗,並以數十種類的秞式來燒成。志野對於作者是一個起端,「加藤唐久郎 志野」則是一個永遠的目標,志野特有的「蟲蛀」及從秞的深處微微透出的紅─「火色」,具有美人肌膚般的白皙並時而粗礦地像個野武士。施繼堯認為志野可分為「女性志野」與「男性志野」,鈴木藏志野為前項,而唐久郎志野為後項。作者嘗試能使其合而為一,一個作品中能因長石的潤度而達成女性志野的溫柔面,也因為作者獨特的蟲蛀而表現出男性志野的豪邁感。作者並不停留在志野的突破上,而是以長石秞為基礎,繼續挑戰新秞的調配與燒成,其努力成果為:黑曜與藍衣,「黑曜」從外觀看來像似天目與志野的合成體,然而因為黑曜秞的敏感度極高,因其燒成法、溫度調控以及還原氣氛的異同,而能導至完全不同的結果。這種新調配的秞藥可讓作者吃足了苦頭,然而也符合了作者喜愛挑戰與創新的個性。從黑曜到油滴黑曜乃至黑曜白流,甚至在黑曜上施以圖形的白流紋樣。除此,還可以三大主秞間的相互組合來達成多樣性。黑曜志野、藍衣志野、志野黑曜、藍衣黑曜、志野藍衣、黑曜藍衣等八種。
「藍衣」帶有古藍染的氣息,讓人有種幽冥的感覺。初代藍衣像似藍色系的鼠志野,然而在作者不斷改變秞式的努力下,似乎自成一格。施繼堯長石陶的每件作品皆有不同的風韻與多層次變化的秞色。每件作品皆是作者費時費心的成果。作者參展歷:2008 陶野人文藝術展展廳個展
2009 國立中正大學邀請展
2009 當代茶具設計展聯展
2009 台中市文化局個展
2010 台中市傳妥美術館個展
2010 日本陶藝邀請展
2010 台中縣立港區藝術中心個展
2011 台北天母大葉高島屋個展
2011 高雄左營新光三越個展
2011 台灣茶具新意聯展
2012 新北市鶯歌陶瓷博物館個展
2013 高雄市文化局個展

Of education and experience: Taichung, Taiwan, Taichung, Taiwan, Japan’s Waseda University, graduated from the Law Department of Waseda University International Student Association authorities Chi publisher and editor-in-chief of the « Waseda English school founder Waseda Education Corp. founder
Shiji Yao of feldspar Tao is Shino, Obsidian, blue for the three spindle. To most of his works begin with hand twist and hand pottery plate, so very time consuming and labor, the firing time is 48-72 hours, during which must be constantly adjusted according to the sintering temperature reducing atmosphere. In order to increase the feldspar dampening You a qualitative change of hundreds of specimens continue to proceed with the experiment, and firing dozens of kinds of You type.

Shino for of a Qiduan, « of Kato Tang Jiulang Shino » is a goal forever, the Shino unique « infestation » and red slightly, revealed from the depths of a You ─ « fire color », like beauty skin white and sometimes coarse ore ground like a wild warrior. Shi Jiyao think Shino can be divided into female Shino male Shino Suzuki possession Shino as in the preceding paragraph, items Tang Jiulang Shino for the post. The author attempts to enable it to be one, a work can be reached due to the dampening of the feldspar women Shino gentle face, but also because of the unique infestation showed male Shino heroic sense.

The author does not dwell on Shino breakthrough, but feldspar You continue to challenge the new deployment and firing of You, the results of their efforts: Obsidian and the blue shirt, Obsidian from the appearance they seem Tianmu its firing method, temperature regulation, and to restore the atmosphere of the similarities and differences with the the Shino synthetic body, however, because of the high sensitivity of the Obsidian You, and can lead to completely different results. You drug of this new deployment allows the author much suffering, however, in line with the personality of favorite challenges and innovation.

Flow from Obsidian to oil droplets Obsidian even Obsidian White, and even to impose graphic white flow patterns Obsidian. In addition, it can be combined with each other between the three main You to achieve diversity. Obsidian Obsidian Shino, blue Shino, Shino, blue Obsidian, Shino in Blue, Obsidian in Blue eight.
In Blue « with the atmosphere of the ancient blue dye, people kind of nether feeling. The early generation of blue clothes and they seem to be the Blue Mouse Shino, of changing You efforts, however, seem to sui generis.

Shi Jiyao feldspar pottery works You all different charm with multi-level changes color. Each piece are the results of time-consuming bother.

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2008 Tao Ye Arts and Humanities solo exhibition hall
2009 Exhibition of National Chung Cheng University
2009 Tea Contemporary Design Exhibition Exhibition
2009Taichung City Cultural Affairs Bureau Exhibition
2010 Taichung City Art Gallery  Exhibition properly pass
2010 Exhibition of Japanese pottery
2010 Taichung County Seaport Art Center exhibition
2011 Taipei Tianmu big Takashimaya Exhibition
2011 Kaohsiung Zuoying Mitsukoshi Exhibition
2011 Exhibition of Taiwan Tea novelty
2012 New Taipei City Yingge Ceramics Museum Exhibition
2013 Exhibition of Cultural Affairs Kaohsiung City
2014 Taichung City Cultural Center Huludun ( BBCA ) Exhibition
2016Tainan City Cultural Center Exhibition


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Vitrinart      © Copyright 2012-2015   All right reserved





SHIH CHI YAO 2014 10

SHIH CHI YAO 2014 12

SHIH CHI YAO 2014 13

SHIH CHI YAO 2014 19

SHIH CHI YAO 2014 20

SHIH CHI YAO 2014 17

SHIH CHI YAO 2014 21

SHIH CHI YAO 2014 22




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Artist authorship + no commercial use + no modification           Copyright ©Shih – Chi – Yao

Vitrinart      © Copyright 2012-2015   All right reserved


Tous mes remerciements à Shih Chi Yao pour son soutien à Vitrinart , depuis deux ans
en diffusant le lien de cette modeste galerie d’art virtuel
All my thanks to Shih Chi Yao for his support Vitrinart past two years
by broadcasting the link of this modest virtual art gallery

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  1. Magnifiques poteries. Chaque pièce nous apporte un lot d’émotions.
    Beaucoup de poésie.

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    Thank You Michel for liking my Painting !!! 🙂 *Cynthia

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    I love his work !!! 🙂 *Cynthia

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    Beautiful Artwork!!! Thank you liking my newest Piece !!! 🙂 *Cynthia


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