Jaya Suberg painter-digital art Germany

Jaya Suberg      painter-digital art    Germany

(updatedlink from 2013)

I live and work as and artist in Berlin and stay the wintertime in southern countries.This year the 4. tim on La Gomera (canarian islands).

In the center of my artistic expression is the human being between his inner world and his outside world.In my works are meltng imaginations, feelings, dreams and the “reality” to one impression.
The most works show an intensive human experience or situation.
The “mystrious states, the longingly, the elusive and incomprehensible” are the issues, which inspireing me very much and what is shown in my mostly surreal works. I use the word: transmotionARt, because it reminds me at transformation, emotion and motion/ going further… and this refers to my own prozess as an individuum and at the same time to the development of cultural (grievances) prosesses of the world.

Ausstellungen: (Auswahl)

* 2010 :Einzelausstellung Frauenkulturzentrum: *unlimited*, Berlin
* 2010 :Gruppenausstellung: NEW YORK, Galerie:* the invisible dog*
* 2010 : Teilnahme an den Baseler Kunsttagen durch die Galerie DEN
* 2011 : Gruppenausstellung im „Centro De La Cultura“ / LA GOMERA*
* 2011: Kubo show /Herne
* 2012: Feb: Teilnahme Gruppenausstellung: Casa de la Cultura/ La Gomera
* 2012: März: * von Menschen, Reisen und stillen Momenten*; Casa de la Cultura
*2012:Okt.: Einzelausstellung :*inside out*, Galerie Zaar, Bochum
*2012 Okt. :ART Verona vertreten durch die Galerie:* IndustrialART**
*2012 Okt.: Kubo-show Herne: »101 young artists »
*2012Nov: Gruppenausstellung Mailand( Galerie CHI) zum Thema: Japan(mixedmedia)
*2013 Feb: centro de la cultura(group) La Gomera
*2013Feb: Artfair Brüssel( vertreten durch die Galerie: inustrialART
`2013März: afk Galerie /Lissabon(Gruppenausstellung)
*2013 Sept: 6ª Muestra Internacional de Arte Contemporáneo « ENTRESILOS 2013 »
Museum Toledo/ Spanien
*2013 Sept. Berliner Liste
*2013 Okt: Kubo show
*2013 Nov:(21.1-23.11)roomARtfair Madrid
*2014 Sept: Berliner Liste ARTfair

Artist authorship + no commercial use + no modification           Copyright ©Jaya Suberg

Vitrinart © Copyright 2012-2014   All right reserved

Jaya Suberg,, above_mixm_LW_18x13_2014

Jaya Suberg, la-robe-rouge_18x13mixm_Lw_2014



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Artist authorship + no commercial use + no modification           Copyright ©Suberg Jaya

Vitrinart      © Copyright 2012-2014   All right reserved


À propos de VITRINART

Michel SEILLER I've practice céramic many years but i'm not an artist.my pieces once designed, were destroyed. I was in the act of doing. Passionate about all forms of plastic expression and the act of creating Esthete who loves the arts, simply with the desire to publicize and promote artists

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