Bruno Di Pietro Painter / Sculptor Italy

Bruno Di Pietro     Painter / Sculptor     Italy

Bruno Di Pietro was born in Ripacorbaria ( Pescara ). From 1950 to 1953 his family emigrated to Argentina. In 1968, military in Sardinia, he realized about 15 oils on canvas and various paintings on cork, with a subsequent solo exhibition at the Club Officers / NCO in NATO base Decimomannu / Cagliari. In 1970 he moved to Milan in search of work. In 1971/72 attended the Brera Academia under the direction of prof. Pompeo Borra. The Eng. S. Bonetti (patron – entrepreneur) owner of the Gallery « Antiquaria delle Orsole » in Via Delle Orsole, 4 in the heart of Milan’s financial area, concluded with him a contract with a relative solo exposition. It will follow collective exhibitions together with contemporary masters: Guttuso Migneco, Fontana, De Chirico, Dova, Bay, etc From this moment B.D.P. began his true adventure in the world of art in his atelier in via Ceroni 2, then in via Claudiano 3 and in Corso Sempione 17. It will follow awards and exhibitions in different cities in Italy and abroad. For his versatile and eclectic curiosity, his sense of research and diligence, he received numerous awards and recognitions. In 1972 he moved to Paris, rue Champagne Premier, where could meet the local artists. Attended the “Maison Americaine » in Boulevard Raspail, where he learned the techniques of the graphics in general and in detail: the etching. Visits museums and art galleries, is present at the opening night of the vernissage in tribute to Mark Rotkho, in the Museum of Modern Art / Paris, 1972. Produces a series of landscapes in extemporaneous milk tempera (now in private collections in Paris and Milan). Is participant in collective exhibition centres with young American artists. Is mentioned in the Revue Moderne with an article based on a critical review of Montoya (July 1972), where they compare his paintings to that of Durer; is quoted in an article of Le Figaro. Later he moved to Brussels, St.Moritz, Venice. Today he lives in Abruzzo with atelier and house in Villanova, a town close to Pescara, in the mountains of Maiella, the sea and the Gran Sasso of Italy. His works are in museums, art galleries and private collections.

Artist authorship + no commercial use + no modification   Copyright ©Bruno Di Pietro

Vitrinart      © Copyright 2012-2014   All right reserved


Artist authorship + no commercial use + no modification   Copyright ©Bruno Di Pietro

Vitrinart      © Copyright 2012-2014   All right reserved


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  2. Rêve Musical dit :

    Un travail remarquable !

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