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29 years old photojournalist Amira Al-Sharif was born in Saudi Arabia and raised in Yemen. Working as a female photojournalist in Yemen, where most of her fellow Yemeni photographers are male, she continues to push cultural and societal boundaries. Working as a female photojournalist in Yemen. She worked as a freelancer for some English newspapers and magazines in Yemen and abroad as Yemen Observer, the Spectrum Newspaper, National Yemen, Yemen Times, Yemeni magazine, and NY times.

Her work get published at English and Arabic newspapers as well as the Netherlands Embassy, HOOD for Defending Human Rights, Oxfam, and UNICEF in Yemen, and abroad Abu Dhabi, Jordon, NY
Times, and USA. Selected as one of the 150 women Who Shake The World by Newsweek and the Daily Beast, New York 2011 as she considered to be a culture bridge. Being an educator presenting her project entitled “Faces of Yemen” in Suffolk University, Boston, 2011 as well as her last year project at ICP “Unveiling Misconception: A Muslim Woman documents the lives of American Women.” She did unofficial talk to UN Women staff in NYC about her life as a female photojournalist and both her photography in Yemen and US July 2011.

Amira began working as a professional photographer in 2005 for the Yemen Observer, the Spectrum Newspaper, and eventually for the Yemen Times 2008, where she bravely covered stories as both photographer and reporter on political upheaval and impoverished living conditions in southern Yemen. Her work has also been published in the Netherlands and the United Arab Emirates.

In 2009 Amira worked with Oxfam International and UNICEF, as they worked around her home country of Yemen. Winning First place in 2008 and 2010 in the Yemen Ministry of Tourism photography competition, Amira and her work has caught the eyes of many around the world. She held a solo exhibition at the French Cultural Center in Yemen in honor of the 60th Anniversary of the Global Declaration of Human Rights in Yemen. She participated in a Full-Time student exhibition at the International Center of Photography, NYC, USA, 2011.

Amira hopes that through her photography she can communicate and give a more honest look at the people of Yemen and their culture, which may not be accurately represented in the media today. Amira just finished her one year program as a full-time student in the school at the International Center of Photography in New York City, studying photojournalism and developing a project looking at the lives of American women in their 20’s and connecting them to the lives of her and her sisters back in Yemen. Currently Amira based in Sana’a, teaching photojournalism to Yemeni photographers and documenting the Yemeni revolution.




A Muslim Woman Documents Lives of American Women


Exhibit Proposal – Yemeni Women with Fighting Spirits

Those photos are to highlights women’s perspective and cultural issues in the context of Yemen. As Yemen is a patriarchal and conservative society, it is often difficult to showcase the Yemeni women’s spirit and voice. As well, perception of Yemen and advocacy for women is often obscured   orientalist concepts and a predilection for associating the country with terrorism and violence. This leaves little room for appreciation of Yemen’s cultural diversity and the sincere beauty of its people, and women in particular. 

This exhibition illustrates a wide range of personalities and characteristics that I have discovered through unique access and trust, and reflects the traditional key role women play in Yemeni society while capturing the powerful and personal feminine beauty. There is happiness and pain, but so many experiences have to be kept internalized like a quiet and well-kept secret. The images explore inherent dreams and desires to achieve in spite of all the obstacles within the Yemen society.I have been documenting Yemeni women for nine years in all walks of life in Yemen in order to communicate a more honest look at my culture, particularly in regards to the dynamic changes the country has been going through in recent years. 

Yet the notion of a stranger photographing a woman remains a taboo or is considered inappropriate. I have had to develop intimate friendships in order to pierce the modesty and engender trust among the women whose lives I have documented. Though my own experience in life and as a female photojournalist I have been able to penetrate into the personal and private surroundings of women and have captured the radiant nuances of Yemeni women caring about everybody around them – their parents, children, relatives, neighbours – and their individuality.

From young mothers and brides, daughters caring for their siblings working towards careers, and women working endless hours to provide for their families – this exhibition provides an opportunity for audiences to share in the lives of these women and broaden their perceptions about the strength, self-sacrifice and fortitude of women in Yemen. 

International Women’s Day is a special opportunity to provide a cultural bridge between the roles of women in the conservative societal strictures found in Yemen with women throughout the world. It is important to honour the hidden sides of Yemeni women and stimulate discourse on the need for greater openness and equality, shared responsibility and appreciation for the essential contributions women make in Yemen. I do believe that Yemeni women lives deserve to be portrayed on this important day commemorating the import contribution women provide.


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AMIRA ALSHARIF   Photo_By_Amira_AlSharif_12

Daily Life in Yemen

Daily Life in Yemen

AMIRA ALSHARIF   Photo_By_Amira_AlSharif_29

AMIRA ALSHARIF   Photo_By_Amira_AlSharif_30

AMIRA ALSHARIF   Photo_By_Amira_AlSharif_31

AMIRA ALSHARIF   Photo_By_Amira_AlSharif_32

AMIRA ALSHARIF   Photo_By_Amira_AlSharif_45

AMIRA ALSHARIF   Photo_By_Amira_AlSharif_49

AMIRA ALSHARIF   Photo_By_Amira_AlSharif_47

AMIRA ALSHARIF   Photo_By_Amira_AlSharif_07

AMIRA ALSHARIF   Photo_By_Amira_AlSharif_09

AMIRA ALSHARIF   Photo_By_Amira_AlSharif_44

AMIRA ALSHARIF   Photo_By_Amira_AlSharif_38

Amira AlSharif

AMIRA ALSHARIF   Photo_By_Amira_AlSharif_17

AMIRA ALSHARIF   Photo_By_Amira_AlSharif_01

AMIRA ALSHARIF   Photo_By_Amira_AlSharif_04

AMIRA ALSHARIF   Photo_By_Amira_AlSharif_08

AMIRA ALSHARIF   Photo_By_Amira_AlSharif_25

AMIRA ALSHARIF   Photo_By_Amira_AlSharif_26

AMIRA ALSHARIF   Photo_By_Amira_AlSharif_27

AMIRA ALSHARIF   Photo_By_Amira_AlSharif_14

AMIRA ALSHARIF   Photo_By_Amira_AlSharif_15

AMIRA ALSHARIF   Photo_By_Amira_AlSharif_19

AMIRA ALSHARIF   Photo_By_Amira_AlSharif_18

AMIRA ALSHARIF   Photo_By_Amira_AlSharif_56   Amina Al-Sharif

AMIRA ALSHARIF   Photo_By_Amira_AlSharif_58   Amina Al-Sharif

AMIRA ALSHARIF   Photo_By_Amira_AlSharif_57   Malmo festival






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  2. Constance dit :

    je suis déjà venue pour revoir les photos…j’aurai beaucoup à dire sur ces femmes;;;mais je suis fatiguée…merci pour la découverte, contente de votre retour, de votre passage qui me touche…à bientôt…

  3. superbes photos, bien représentatives de la vie quotidienne ! de magnifiques prises de vue qui révèlent la sensibilité de l’artiste. Merci pour le plaisir de la découverte !

  4. jussaraluna dit :

    wowwww!! Magnifiques photos 🙂 🙂

  5. Magnificent art photos, human celebration with so much colors, congratulations, I like them very much !

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